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The Consultation:

All potential clients are offered a 15-minute consultation to determine fit for services and to provide an opportunity for you to speak directly with the therapist. Please come prepared with 3-5 sentences stating what you are wanting to address in therapy and any specializations you are hoping to be connected with. While we explore this in our phone call as your potential therapist, I may ask clarifying questions to support my assessment of being able to provide the services needed. We will then discuss payment policies and processes, appointment availability, and answer any questions you may have. If it is determined by both client and therapist that they are willing to move forward, we will review documentation that needs to be completed before the start of treatment. Clients using insurance benefits may need to wait 3-5 business days until insurance benefits are verified to deter billing complications. Clients who are not a fit for services at Joyful Calm Mental Health, if consented to, will receive an alternate list of referrals to support their access to mental health care. All clients are required to complete intake paperwork and upload credit/debit card information 24 hours before the start of their session or their session will be canceled.

To book a consultation please scroll to the bottom of any page on this site and enter your contact information, any questions for the clinician, a very brief explanation of what you're wanting to explore in therapy, and the times you are available for consultation and therapy appointments.

The Therapy:

In our first session together, we get the opportunity to sit down and fully introduce ourselves to one another. We will then review necessary policies and address any limitations of treatment. In this session, we will also assess safety needs, provide resources as needed and review any clarification questions or additional documentation needs.

During the next 2-4 sessions we will continue to assess the fit of the therapeutic relationship and collaborate to develop appropriate goals for treatment. Once the assessment phase is completed a treatment plan will be created to support the tracking of therapeutic goals and referenced as needed throughout our time together.

Moving forward you and I will collaborate on ways to support your mental health needs and identify and explore any barriers to change. It is my goal to continuously build trust and get to know your background and history with kind curiosity and only when it is necessary to your care while doing so at a pace you are comfortable with. We can explore deep emotional work or identify weekly goals to support more immediate change. However we proceed, your effort, comfortability with services and overall commitment is essential to creating change.

Please understand that the therapeutic relationship is one of the most important factors in successful treatment; for more information please read here. If you are not connecting with me as your therapist please feel encouraged to communicate this. If for any reason you or I do not feel this is a beneficial therapeutic match, at any time during treatment, a referral list will be provided to you to support future access to care with a more appropriate provider.

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